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Trex Decking and Outdoor Living Products

In order to provide customers with a wide range of decking types and colors to choose from, Trex offers Good, Better, and Best. As far as I can tell, though, there is no downside to choosing Good.
Trex Enhance decking

Trex Enhance

shown above, is scalloped. This makes it lower cost because it has less composite content. It might seem less strong than the solid (not scalloped) "better" and "best" decking, but it is recommended to be placed on joists "16 on center," same as the solid profiles. It is available in 4 variegated colors and 3 solid colors. It has the same embossed texture as Transcend.
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Trex Select decking

Trex Select

shown above is the "better" version. It is a solid profile with a flat grain pattern that is distinctly different from Transcend and Enhance. It is available in 5 solid colors, either square edge or grooved (shown) for the Trex hidden fastening system.
Trex Transcend decking

Trex Enhance

shown above is the "best" version. This photo shows the variegated coloring and interesting embossed grain texture that Trex is famous for. Note that the grain pattern is both vertical towards the edge of the board and flat in the center. This is not uncommon in real wood. Enhance is available in 5 variegated colors and 3 solid colors.
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Trex Lineage decking

Trex Lineage

shown above is the company's newest innovative decking. It has heat mitigating technology for cooler decking underfoot and a 50-year limited warranty. What really separates it from the other decking is its distinctive embossed grain texture, which is much more subtle and, in a way, more realistic. Lineage is available in 4 "tranquil" colors
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Review: In the end, I believe that homeowners will choose the particular decking that they most like the look of. They are all great. They all look good. There are different ways of imitating the look of wood, but I don't believe it really matters how much composite decking looks like real wood. What matters is whether you just like the way it will look next to and complementing your home.
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Trex has now been in the outdoor living business for more than a quarter of a century, and they have grown into a company that offers a very broad selection of products from rail and outdoor furniture to lighting systems.
Trex products also include: cladding, fasteners, fencing, deck drainage systems, pergolas, spiral stairs, shade panels, privacy screens, even outdoor kitchens and more. Future editions of this site will talk about those other products because there are so many ways to enhance your outdoor space.
Trex Furniture and Railing
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