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In 1973, company founder, Irvin Vincent, realized his vision of being able to make good use of plastic trimmings and waste, when he developed the very first recycled plastic lumber. In the years since that first plastic lumber, the company has developed a variety of products that serve many applications from lawn furniture to marine docking. Renew Plastics converts more than 25 million pounds of discarded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic into useful products.
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Renew Decking

The above photo shows the stark difference between Renew decking with its thick Traction Master™ surface and more common composite decking. Instead of a WPC (wood-plastic composite) core, Renew has a strong High Density Polyethylene core that has no organic content. It cannot absorb moisture and can be used in wet environments.
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Evolve® Dimensional Lumber

Evolve is composed of a blend of recycled pre-consumer, post-consumer and virgin High Density Polyethylene with density and texture similar to natural wood. It is available in many profiles and 30 different colors. Evolve is used to make outdoor furniture, truck bed liners, windows, storage bins, pallets, planters, sign posts, swim platforms, partitions and many other items. It does not need painting, and it will last indefinitely in any weather.
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Most composite decks are built on a structure of pressure-treated wood. Trimax Structural Lumber is High Density Polyethylene reinforced with fiberglass. It has the structural strength to replace wood with the same specs. Shown at left is a 2 x 6 profile that can replace a 2 x 6 wood joist. Unlike pressure treated wood, which can leach copper, chromium, or arsenic into the environment, Trimax will have no adverse effect on the environment.
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