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Modern Mill

The grain texture of Acre decking
Various shapes of Acre
The concept behind Acre is that it replaces wood. Think about all the ways in which wood can be used and has been used for centuries. Modern Mill makes this material available in sizes and shapes compatible with siding, trim boards, porch flooring, shiplap, cabinets, furniture, and decking. Only the decking has an embossed grain texture. The other shapes have a wire brushed grain appearance.
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Adirondack chair made from Acre
The Modern Mill web site has tutorials on woodworking with Acre with tips on sanding, painting and staining, cutting and drilling, glueing, and even thermoforming. Learn how to make an Adirondack chair like this one.
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One way that Acre is not like wood is that it can be thermo-formed. A video shows a woodwork applying heat to strips of Acre and clamping it to a form. When it cools, the shape is set. It would be difficult to make this table from regular wood.

Chair and table photos courtesy of the Modern Mill web site.
side table made from Acre
The Modern Mill web site is:
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