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The Campfire Experience at Home

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When I was a kid I went camping with my dad or with Boy Scouts, and always the best part was sitting around the camp fire at night. Now, with a product called DeckProtect™, you can have the campfire experience in your outdoor living space without having to worry that a fire pit will harm your deck or patio.
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Whether your outdoor living space is a deck or a patio, DeckProtect™ will ensure that the heat from the fire will not harm composite or PVC decking or stamped concrete.
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DeckProtect™ is not a pad. It is a system engineered to provide maximum protection from the heat under a fire pit. Read More
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DeckProtect™ starts out deep beneath the Earth's surface where volcanic basalt is born. Read More
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DeckProtect™ is not a mass-produced imported product. It is hand made one at a time in our shop in South Carolina.
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DeckProtect™ is a systematic approach to protecting a deck from the heat that radiates downward from a fire pit
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A very convincing demonstration shows how DeckProtect™ will protect composite and PVC decking under a very hot wood-burning fire pit
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Trex is generally recognized as the leading manufacturer of composite decking. They recommend DeckProtect™ in a special bulletin.
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A real-world test shows how a fire pit can turn pressure-treated wood decking to charcoal, but not with DeckProtect™
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One family relied on a product they found on Amazon to protect their deck. Another example of bad ideas online.
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DeckProtect™ is available in 25 different sizes and shapes. You should choose a size that will be large enough for your fire pit's feet.
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Customers have purchased these sizes for popular fire pits.
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Fire tables that burn propane or natural gas are made in many different rectangular sizes. DeckProtect™ can be ordered for any size fire table.
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