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Photo by Carissa Rogers
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The Inspiration for this Site

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This photo of me was taken in 2009 and chosen for this web site because it is the only time I ever smiled for a camera. So yes, that was 14 years ago, and a more current photo would show an older, more worried, and more feeble me.
In 2014, I cofounded a manufacturing company in South Carolina. The primary objective of the company was to develop woven material made from basalt for construction and industrial uses. We also took on a product called DeckProtect that uses a board made of pressed basalt fiber to protect decking under a fire pit.

Over the next few years I found myself needing to learn more about the whole subject of fire pits, and using them on a deck. What I came to understand was that decks and fire pits have become enormously popular in America in a trend to enhance the outdoor living experience close to home.

I decided to build a web site to cover these two topics. While most people assume you place a fire pit in your yard or on a patio, not a on flammable deck, it turns out that decks and fire pits have a lot in common and are not mutually exclusive.

Phil Dickinson
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